International Environmental Law Research Guide

Air Quality Regulation of Wildfire Smoke 

Application of the Clean Air Act to Wildfire

Clean Air Act
One Good Case Starting Point

Each database potentially will have different cases connected to your one good case. You can also use the citator to find related law reviews.

Starting from One Good Law Review Article

Remember to use Headnotes and Key Numbers/Topics to find other related cases. You can add key words by searching within your Key Number results. 

Use non-law databases

In Academic Search Complete, search for the known articles. Then Find Similar Results using SmartText Searching to find other similar articles. (The link will be on the left side of the page). You can also use the Subject terms to create a new search. Start with broad searches and then use filters or additional key words to narrow the search.  

In ProQuest, you can also start with the known article and then on the bottom right of the page showing the full-text of the article, you will see a Search with indexing terms box. Select relevant search terms eg. Forest and Brush Fires;  Location: United States. Run the search and then modify it by adding in more relevant key words in the search box at the top of the page. eg. "Clean air act". Use the filters on the left side to narrow your search. eg. wildfires. You can also limit by Source type to Scholarly Journals, Trade Journals and Other Sources.

Key Word Searches

You can always run key word searches in any of the databases.

Try a broad search in the Index to Legal Periodicals and Books for wildfires and "clean air act"

Run a simple search for wildfires in the Legal Scholarship Network and then search within for "clean air act" because you cannot do a Boolean search in the main search bar.

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