International Environmental Law Research Guide

Water Law - California

Comments Submitted to Agencies

"A rulemaking agency must summarize and respond to timely comments that are directed at the proposal or at the procedures followed by the agency during the rulemaking action. For each comment, the agency must include either an explanation of how the proposed action has been changed to accommodate the comment or state the reasons for rejecting the comment. In summarizing and responding to public comments, the agency must demonstrate that it understood and considered the comment. The summary and response to comments is included as part of the rulemaking file in a document called a Final Statement of Reasons. (Government Code section 11346.9.)"

Scholarly Articles


Start with Google Scholar to get a general sense of what is available in the legal and non-legal literature, then use each database to make sure that you have found everything.

Legal News

Below are relevant sample searches, you can change the search criteria to find more materials on your topic.


Non-Profit Reports

There are two ways to do this.

  1. You can run a google search on the topic and then look for nonprofit sources. A sample search is shown below that removes government websites from the search.
  2. You can run searches on the websites of known California nonprofits. Links to lists of relevant organizations are provided below. 

Proposed & Enacted Legislation & Regulations

Expert Witnesses

This may be useful if they have written articles or reports that are of interest.

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