International Environmental Law Research Guide

Water Markets

Background Research

Barton "Buzz" Thompson

Anti-Urban Rhetoric in Legal Documents

I recommend using Practical Law Connect to run a search across most of the content in Westlaw. Then use the filters on the left to limit the results to Secondary Sources and then Law Reviews and Journals to find the articles. Use the References tab to see other documents that cite the articles you know are on point.
You can run one search and then use the filters to see different types of legal documents.
Federal Legislative History

You can search in this database for your key words, be sure to use the Advanced search so that you can do a full-text search in all of the content.

CA State Legislative History
Court Documents Only

None of the databases that you have access to for pulling court documents have comprehensive coverage. If you found some court documents in Practical Law as explained above, you may want to supplement that research by running some key word searches in other databases with Court Documents.