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Court Briefs, Dockets & Oral Arguments Research Guide: Home

Guide Overview

This research guide introduces you to resources for finding briefs, oral arguments, and docket information.  It also provides information on visiting local courts in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The law library does NOT reimburse for PACER, which charges $.10 per page VIEWED. If you need to research court records and suspect that you might need access to PACER, please schedule a meeting with a reference librarian. We can discuss alternative sources for court records as well as sources for funding in the event that you need to use PACER.

Faculty and faculty research assistants are encouraged to use all alternative methods to find docket information, information regarding that is posed here. If the alternative means for finding information are not sufficient, please contact your faculty liaison to see if they can be of assistance in running a PACER search on your behalf. And, if the project is too complex for a librarian-managed search, the librarian liaison can assist the faculty member in setting up their own PACER account with the faculty member’s faculty research account funds.

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